Online Consultation

Frontier ABA provides remote training and supervision through the use of online resources such as Skype.  These services are available to families worldwide and are especially useful for families in countries that are remote and do not have access to high quality ABA and Speech and Language services.


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International Consultation

Frontier ABA has provided services in 4 different continents across 12 countries.  In-home ABA & Speech and Language consultation services are available worldwide for families located in emerging markets or expatriate families who desire a continuity of services across placements.

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Workshop Series

Frontier ABA offers a series of workshops on ABA, Verbal Behavior, Manding, Natural Environment Teaching, Intensive Teaching at the Table, Problem Behavior Reduction, and Increasing Vocalizations for Children who have a limited speech and language repertoire.

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Tailored ABA Services for Expatriate and local families worldwide.

There is a critical need for quality applied behavior analysis and speech and language services for children with autism and other developmental disabilities worldwide.  In some areas of the world there are few or no certified and qualified board certified behavior analysts and speech language pathologists. Morgan Cherish is a dually certified speech language pathologist and board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) living in Africa.  She currently serves local & expatriate families in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.  

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